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Campus Unit Logo

We are one CSUF. Likewise so are the myriad of our campus units.

When the university and each unit are paired together visually, they provide a cohesive brand integrity with both strengthening each other's identity and reputation.   

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We recognize the impact each unit has upon our students and greater communities. The services and value we provide individually reflect Cal State Fullerton as a whole. Therefore the visual connection between campus units and the university lends credibility to both. For example, the typeface and size relationships in these extension logos have been thoughtfully selected to provide a strong presence of each unit and their direct association with the greater university. 

Who is eligible for official logo


  • divisions
  • colleges
  • academic departments
  • administrative departments
  • centers
  • institutes
  • academic and administrative programs


  • events
  • degrees and majors
  • campaigns and initiatives
  • student organizations and clubs
  • educational or instructional materials
  • individual's office
  • unofficial campus activities

Note: Campus units may not create and use their own logo solutions.

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Colleges and Divisions

College of Engineering and Computer Science logo
Division of IT logo

College and division logos represent the top tier units of the university. They are the preferred logos for each respective unit and their subordinate departments. 


Academic / Administrative Departments and Offices

Environmental Studies logo
Student Wellness logo

Student and public engagement are often conducted at a departmental/office level. These units are eligible for their own logo to lend credibility, authority and trust with the people they serve.


Centers, Institutes and Programs

Center for Successful Aging logo
Guardian Scholars logo

These units reflect the university's scholarly activities and specialized concentrations or services. Unit logo helps establish and advance their reputation and efforts.


Orientations and Color Variants

Each unit logo comes in two orientations: default (horizontal) and stacked. Use the orientation best suited for the space you’re working with.

College of Communications logo

Communications Stacked logo

Other Color Variations

Communications black logo Communications blue logo Communications reversed logo
Communications white and orange logo Communications white and blue logo

Proper and Incorrect Use

Proper Use:
To ensure brand consistency, unit logos should not be altered in anyway. They require an adequate amount of spacing around them to maintain their integrity. The minimum protected area should be no less than 3/8 inch in print or 55 pixels square. Minimum spacing should be observed in all circumstances.

margins around logo


Incorrect Use:

altered logotype
Do not rearrange or reposition elements.

altered color logotype
Altering the colors is not permitted.

insufficient contrast
Do not add images or any other new elements to the logo.

unsanctioned logo
Do not stretch, distort or alter the proportions. 

stretched logotype
Do not remove or alter elements of the logo.

added graphic on logotype
Do not use backgrounds that provide insufficient contrast.

cropped logotype
Do not add text to logo to form a phrase or unsanctioned tagline.

added text to logotype
Do not use the logo to create an unsanctioned mark. Short-hands and abbreviations are not permissable.

Request for a Logo

Request for a unit logo must first be approved by your divisional chief operations officer (COO). Upon approval and completion of logos, you will receive:

  • Default (horizontal) and stacked orientations (EPS and PNG), along with email signature (PNG).
  • EPS: for commercial printing
    • PMS: for most apparel and merchandise vendors
  • PNG: for digital use and MS Office
  • Email: graphic email signature compatible with both light and dark mode settings.

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Working With Approved Licensed Vendors

To ensure proper licensing usage, campus members must work with licensed vendors approved by the university. Using unapproved vendors could lead to denial of purchase during procurement process.

Click on the link below for list of approved licensed vendors for promotional materials, merchandise, and apparels.

Approved Licensed Vendors