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Our Titan brand is the essence of who we are and it expresses our efforts to transform and empower students to achieve greatness.

This resource site is to help campus members articulate our brand in ways that resonates and strengthens our recognition and reputation amongst key audiences we engage with and serve. Assets and guidelines are also provided here for university communicators to apply to their work.


Download and Requests

Strategic Communications and Brand Management is charged with creating official university logos. All university logos are available for campus members through PhotoShelter. More are developed based on requests.

In the near future, this site will include useful templates to support your communication needs and to add brand value to your work. Please check back at this site later for upcoming templates.

Download CSUF logos   Request unit logo

Request Tuffy art   Request consultation


FAQs about university logos

How can I download the new logos?

All university logos are available to campus members on PhotoShelter.
Log in using your campus credentials to access files under "Campus Identity Logos" folder.

How can I request for a department logo?

Most campus units are eligible for their official logos upon submitting a logo request here. Requests require approval from divisional chief of operations officer prior to development of logo.

What is the timeline for implementing new logo and identity?

We recognize adoption of the new visual identity takes time; therefore we recommend a 6-24 month implementation process.

Allow up to (6) six months for current stationary and digital collateral containing the older logos to be used and recommend that any new orders of print collateral should use the new visual marks.

In twelve months, all campus units should cease the use of the older logos and utilize the new visual identity.

A 24-month grace period is provided for physical signage such as etched glass and wall-mounted signs and decals.

Can I order new items with the logo and use for events, fundraising campaigns and giveaways?

The univesity logos can be used for official university hosted or sponsored events, fundraising, and collateral giveaways. It cannot be used for non-official, unsanctioned, or unaffiliated programs and activities.

Can these logos be used for student organizations including clubs and associations?

Student organizations are independent of the university. Their activities, views and expressions are not representative of the university. However in instances when a student organization partners with an official campus unit, then the university logos can be accompanied.

Can I alter the logos?

No. The integrity of all official logos must be maintained to ensure the visual consistency and credibility of the university. Alterations of any kind is not permitted. Likewise, no campus units are permitted to create an alternative logo.

If logos provided do not meet your specific needs due to size or technical constraints, please submit a consultation request for Strategic Communications to provide a solution. 

Can I use the logo accompanied with other organization logos as part of sponsorship?

Yes - if the sponsorship opportunity is officially recognized and sanctioned by the campus. When displaying our logos, a minimum of 3/8 inch margin space around our logos is required. 

Can the university logos be used to promote off-campus events?

The university logos can only be used for university hosted, sponsored or partnered events. It cannot be used by an external or non-CSU organization or for non-CSUF affiliated events without expressed written permission.