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Working with Vendor

Campus members who wish to produce apparel, promotional items and giveaways must work with approved licensed vendors. Information below provides an overview of the process of working with vendors to fulfill your promotional needs.


Process of Working with Vendors

Illustration of steps working with vendors as described below


Step 1: Identify Product Needs and Budget

Most vendors who produce promotional products have a wide variety of product options at various price points to work with your budget. If you have a very specific product or brand need (i.e. Nike polo shirt), there may be limits in which vendors that offer that product. It is important to also keep quality in mind when selecting promotional product.

Step 2: Select an Approved Licensed Vendor

Refer to the current list of approved licensed vendors. If you wish to use a vendor not listed, they must apply through CLC. Once formally approved, they will be eligible to produce branded products. The application process can take up to 8 weeks for campus suppliers.

Step 3: Design Process

Whether you are using the university marks or creating a custom design for a campus event, work directly with the vendor throughout the process. Licensed vendors have access to our university marks through the CLC licensing system. If you wish to use your unit or department logo, you will need to provide the vendor with the specific marks. To speed up the process, it is helpful if you work with the vendor to make sure that the correct PMS colors are being used and marks and names include the ® or ™ as needed.

Step 4: Licensing Design Submission and Approval

Approved licensed vendors have experienced with the submission process for CLC approval. Artwork submissions are reviewed and approved daily to ensure the correct marks and colors are being used, along with appropriate use of the university's name, image and likeness.

Step 5: Production and Shipping

Upon approval, the vendor will produce and ship the product according to shipping instructions provided by the person placing the order. Production and shipping times will vary by vendor.