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Tuffy Titan

Tuffy is the university mascot and represents the university's spirit: strong, passionate, driven – yet friendly, affable, and welcoming. 

Tuffy is used as an informal representation of the Titan Athletics sports teams and to express school spirit connecting students and alumni with the university.


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Quick Facts About Tuffy

  • Tuffy represents Titan Pride.
  • There is only one Tuffy. Tuffy does not have a partner or other family members; and is not associated with a herd.
  • Tuffy is a male elephant.
  • Tuffy is nonverbal.



  • All authorized Tuffy images are created, managed and disseminated jointly by Strategic Communications and Titan Athletics. No other elephant (photographs and illustrations) can be used as a substitute to represent Tuffy or CSUF.
  • Campus members may not create and use their own versions of Tuffy. 
  • Tuffy cannot be used as an alternative logo or to represent, in lieue of, or as an element to express academic programs, activities, and achievements. Tuffy is solely used to represent Athletics, university spirit, connection, and pride.
  • Tuffy Titan logo is in process of trademark registration and all rights and restrictions apply.


Tuffy Titan logo

Tuffy Logo

Tuffy logo is the official mark of Tuffy and is a part of Titan Athletics visual identity system.

Use for: Titan Athletics and for official apparel, merchandise, and promotional items.

Type: Official mark of Tuffy

Intended audiences: General public, campus members, and alumni.

Proper Use: For external audience who are unfamiliar with CSUF, Tuffy logo serves as an introduction to the CSUF Titan spirit. A mighty elephant logo on apparels and promotional items conveys a sense of pride and strength, which, in turn, contributes to strengthening the reputation of CSUF and the Titan brand.

It's important to note that Tuffy logo should be restricted to branding and not employed to convey messages or public service announcements.

Tuffy charging

Tuffy Illustration

Tuffy illustration is utilized within the confines of the university community, addressing students, faculty, staff, and alumni communication. The character is intended to foster a sense of Titan Pride, connection, identity, and nostalgia among those who have a personal or historical affiliation with CSUF.

Use for: Internal communications, campus announcements, event promotions, campus pride

Type: Illustration for communication purpose. Never to be used as a logo. Tuffy illustration ranges from athletic's driven, game-face expression to a lovable and personable character.

Intended audiences: Students, faculty, staff, and alumni are familiar with Tuffy illustration, who is frequently recognized as the campus mascot used to convey campus messages, announcements, and promote events.

- Tuffy illustration can be used for internal communication. It cannot be used as a logo (i.e. a mark to identify a campus department, program, or unit) or in close proximity with a university logo.

- Tuffy illustration should not be employed for external communication, including prospective students. Most external audiences are not acquainted with "Titan" and "Tuffy." Therefore, their first impression of CSUF should not be that of a fun, informal, and playful caricature, as it does not represent the university's academic reputation and recognition. Tuffy illustration is effectively utilized to represent Titan Pride among the university community who are already familiar with CSUF and Tuffy.

A customized Tuffy illustration is available for campus members.
Request custom Tuffy illustration

Tuffy Mascot posing

Tuffy Mascot

The mascot is the physical representation of Tuffy used during various events and for communication purposes targeted both internal and external audiences. Tuffy Mascot plays a versatile role in the university's engagement efforts. It symbolizes Titan Pride in a tangible and interactive way, making it suitable for a wide range of applications, from boosting Titan spirit directly to enhancing the visual representation of the university in photographs and videos.

Use for: Event attendance, Titan Pride, communication purposes representing campus spirit

Intended audiences: External and internal audiences