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Electronic Marquees


The campus operates several electronic marquees that may be appropriate promotional tools.


57 Freeway

A large LED was erected near the Nutwood Avenue exit. The university logo is built into the actual structure of the sign, and the digital component features university-sponsored content.

Appropriate content for this sign includes promotion of major signature events of the university, performances and exhibits of the College of the Arts, Intercollegiate Athletics, and major university-sponsored academic symposia that is of broad public interest. Individual programs and events of narrow interest are not appropriate for the sign. In addition, university staff should not propose nor commit to recognizing individuals or organizations on the digital sign without consulting with Strategic Communications and Brand Management well in advance.

Two additional LED displays north of the future CSUF sign, which were erected during Summer 2018, are managed by the Auxiliary Services Corporation. These signs feature commercial content for which the ASC receives revenue to benefit the university.

Titan Student Union

For information on the electronic marquee at the Titan Student Union, contact Scott Martin at 657-278-5870 or

Titan Athletics Stadiums

For information on the electronic sign at Goodwin Field (baseball), Anderson Family Field (softball) and Titan Stadium (soccer), contact
Derric West at 657-278-2662 or