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Trademark Licensing

The Cal State Fullerton Licensing Program protects and promotes the official trademarks of the University which is an essential part of ensuring the integrity of the CSUF brand. The program includes all registered logos and University name references. Only licensed vendors have rights to utilize campus trademarks on product. This includes product for promotional or resale purposes and applies to internal use (campus departments) and external use (non-campus retailers).

On behalf of the University, Auxiliary Services Corporation (ASC) has registered the university marks and manages the Licensing Program through the Collegiate Licensing Company (CLC).

What is a trademark?

All names and visual representations of California State University, Fullerton are considered trademarks. This extends to all wordmarks, service marks, names, name variants, logotypes, logos, shields, seals or other designs or symbols that refer to the University. The trademarked campus logos and name designations are identified with ® and those marks not yet registered are identified with ™. These symbols must appear on campus marks used on products for resale or promotional purposes.

Why do I need to use a licensed vendor?

All on-campus departments, organizations, clubs, or groups who intend to buy or distribute product with the University’s trademarks are responsible for ensuring that the vendor they are ordering from is licensed. Licensed vendors are required to submit all artwork designs for approval through the CLC Brand Manager system. This ensures that artwork meets the brand standards for the university, adhering to proper colors, correct university name references, acceptable logo use, the appropriate trademark indicator is included on logos/names, etc.

How do I know if a vendor is licensed?

You can review this list for the current licensed vendors here or can contact Kim Ball at 657-278-4968 or who can verify for you.

How do I order from a licensed vendor?

Departments can order imprinted product from:

Titan Shops general ordering guidelines

  • Turnaround time varies by vendor and typically runs 3-4 weeks. Rush orders may be possible.
  • To expedite quotes, include the following details:
    • Specific items and quantities needed (including sizes for apparel)
    • When items are needed by
    • What logo will be used (include logo file to ensure accuracy)
    • Location of the logo on the product, colors, etc.
  • Benefits of ordering through Titan Shops
    • Pay with p-card or purchase order
    • No additional shipping charges (for non-rush orders)
    • No set-up charges
    • Pay when order arrives
    • Free delivery on-campus
    • Ensures quality product

How does a vendor become licensed?

Vendors interested in becoming a CSUF licensee can submit an application through CLC.
For reference, a License Reference Guide is available.

Application questions can be directed to and general licensing questions can be directed to

How does a vendor become an approved CSUF provider?

Vendors interested in selling direct to departments need to be approved by CSUF Contract & Procure. You can find details on the Procurement website.

Vendors interested in the retail channel should contact Titan Shops via email: