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Writing Guide

We support the CSUF brand by presenting the university as an inclusive and caring community fueled by vision, tradition and an undeniable Titan spirit. This sets the stage for storytelling and connection to our various audiences.
At Cal State Fullerton, Titans Reach Higher.

Our Voice

Our voice reflects our identity – regardless of the audience, subject or the purpose.
Our voice is:

  • Aspirational and authentic;
  • Smart and engaging; and
  • Authoritative yet approachable.

Our Tone

Our tone reflects our spirit. It alters depending on the audience, the subject and the medium.
Our tone is:

  • Formal or informal;
  • Serious or celebratory;
  • Imperative or informative.


Keep in mind these guidelines for strong writing.

word bubble

Be active.

Place us in the present or the future. Use an active voice.

people standing together

Be unified.

Refer to CSUF as "us." Consider the communities we comprise.

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Be positive.

Avoid negatives. Be concise and strategic. Understand the audience, the goal and the desired outcome.

conversation bubbles

Be engaging.

Use storytelling to take the reader on a journey. Cultivate strong examples through people, programs, innovations and research that illustrate "Titan" accomplishments.


Consider our brand pillars and personality in creating voice and tone.

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Be creative.

Make it memorable and relevant. No gimmicks. Internalize our tagline, Titans Reach Higher.

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Be positive.

Tell stories that celebrate the contributors, their accomplishments and impact.

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Be curious.

Explore and understand. Explore perspectives and eliminate confusion.

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Be inviting.

Personalize. Be informative and engaging. See potential and encourage Titan achievements.

on target

Be relevant.

Connect with stakeholders through appropriate and useful information.

#1 finger

Be enthusiastic.

Advocate Titans Reach Higher. Explain what it means to be a Titan.

verified ribbon

Be authentic.

Share solutions and connect by address subjects clearly. It should sound like something written by people who went here or excel here.