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University & College Descriptions


Descriptive boilerplate language has been created for the university and each of its colleges.

California State University, Fullerton

Full standard boilerplate

Consistently lauded as a top national university, Cal State Fullerton — with 109 degree programs, an enrollment of nearly 40,000 and a proven track record of educational innovation — has cemented its role as a respected, in-demand and go-to leader within the California State University and beyond. A Titan education is defined by immersive learning experiences amid a rich diversity of perspectives and backgrounds. Internships, collaborative research, study away and study abroad, service in the community and a vibrant co-curricular life keep students engaged and empowered on their way to a degree. Confident, well prepared and culturally competent, CSUF graduates are uniquely positioned to excel as emergent leaders in the global marketplace, in further education and in their communities. Having benefited from a rigorous, progressive curriculum and an inclusive, supportive environment, Titans are equipped to adapt to a rapidly changing world and continuously evolve to meet new demands and opportunities.

Elevator speech

Cal State Fullerton is a university of significance, ranked as a top national institution and recognized as a leader within the California State University and beyond. A Titan education is defined by immersive learning experiences amid a rich diversity of perspectives and backgrounds. CSUF graduates are confident, well prepared and culturally competent, uniquely positioned to excel in the global marketplace, in further education and in their communities.

Top bullet points

  • We are a university of significance – for our students, our community and our nation.
  • We are among the country’s top “national universities.” (U.S. News and World Report)
  • We are ranked No. 13 in the country for academic rigor. (, study by Stuart Rojstaczer)
  • Having benefited from a strong academic program and immersive experiences, a defining feature of a Titan education, our graduates are well prepared, confident, collaborative and culturally competent.
  • We are No. 4 in the nation for the number of degrees awarded to underrepresented students. (Diverse: Issues in Higher Education)
  • We are in the top 12 percent of “best colleges for your money” (Money) and boast the sixth lowest net cost nationally (Washington Monthly).
  • We help meet California’s workforce needs, while powering $2.26 billion in economic activity each year. (ICF)

College of Business and Economics

As the largest accredited business school on the West Coast, the quality of a College of Business and Economics education is reflected in its network of nearly 60,000 alumni and business partners who are a driving force of Southern California business. Business and Economics students experience a full range of business courses and programs led by faculty purposely integrating innovative classroom education with best business practices, technology, award-winning research, functional applications and real-world experience. Located in one of the most vibrant business communities in the United States, CSUF's College of Business and Economics creates networking and internship opportunities for students, as well as partnerships that strengthen and enrich the educational experience and program. Its graduates are ready to meet the business challenges of today and the future.

College of the Arts

Cal State Fullerton's College of the Arts advances creative expression through impactful undergraduate and graduate programs within its School of Music and the departments of Art and Theatre & Dance. The college's 2,400 students receive top-tier instruction through award-winning faculty and advanced curricula and practice, including collaborative relationships and partnerships with leading institutions. Its galleries and performance spaces, including the Clayes Performing Arts Center and Grand Central Art Center in Santa Ana, offer multiple stages for showcasing students' visual and performing arts achievements. Since 1961, the College of the Arts' 14,000 alumni have made their mark on stage, on canvas, on screen and behind the scenes, working for film and animation studios, museums and galleries, music ensembles and other organizations.

College of Communications

The College of Communications is committed to advancing a democratic society by preparing students to function in a wide variety of communication professions. With a strong tradition in the liberal arts and social sciences, the academic programs of the college share a common theoretical base which identifies the elements of human communication and the principles governing their use in all communicative processes essential to contemporary society, namely, the spoken and written word and visual images. Specialized programs in advertising, communication theory and process, intercultural, interpersonal, organizational communication, communication studies, communicative disorders, entertainment studies, journalism, photocommunications, public relations, and radio television/film make up the basic curricula of the college. These programs of study lead to traditional academic degrees for undergraduates and graduates, to state credentials and licenses, to professional certification, and to entry into graduate and professional degree programs.

Academic programs in the College of Communications prepare students to function as professionals in the fields of business, education, government, entertainment, and in media and health related careers. Ancillary educational experiences are available through the campus daily newspaper, audio and video production recording studios, television facility, forensics program, speech and hearing clinic, the Center for Children Who Stutter, Tusk magazine and internships in professional settings.

College of Education

The College of Education, with its award-winning faculty members, is well known for its excellence in preparing teachers and educational leaders. It is the only university teacher preparation program in Orange County accredited by the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education. NCATE, the most prestigious accrediting body in the nation, has accredited the university’s programs since 1970. The college offers multiple-subject (K-8), single-subject (9-12) and education-specialist (special education) credentials. Advanced credentials are offered to prepare teachers for specialized positions in reading, administrative services and special education. A new doctorate in education program for professionals seeking careers as K-12 administrators and community college leadership also is offered. To best meet student needs and interests, different program options are offered, including online classes, courses that meet on site in school districts and the Streamlined Teacher Education Program, an accelerated curriculum that allows students to simultaneously earn a bachelor's degree and a preliminary teaching credential. The university's Center for Careers in Teaching also offers advice and counseling to help students achieve their goal of becoming a teacher.

College of Engineering and Computer Science

U.S. News & World Report ranks the college among the top engineering colleges in the nation for its online graduate programs in software engineering and environmental engineering. The college's departments of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and three programs in Computer Engineering, Environmental Engineering and Software Engineering offer five bachelor's degrees and six master's degrees. A new, four-year integrated B.S.-M.S. degree in computer engineering also is offered to entering freshmen. The college is dedicated to educating and preparing professionals to harness the power and potential of the engineering sciences for the benefit of society, participation in a global market, and to enter the workforce immediately after graduation, pursue advanced degrees or become entrepreneurs.

College of Health and Human Development

Faculty-student collaborative research, active engagement in the broader community, and ever-evolving degree and licensure programs help propel graduates of the College of Health and Human Development into rewarding careers in the health and helping professions. More than 6,000 students are enrolled in the college’s 11 academic programs spanning multiple concentrations across six departments — child and adolescent studies, counseling, health science, human services, kinesiology and social work — a School of Nursing and Army Reserve Officers Training Corps (ROTC) program, providing them with a comprehensive educational approach. These programs are rooted in the integration of theory and practice, offering students rigorous development of critical thinking, leadership and professional skills to prepare for today's workforce.

College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Justice, freedom, democracy, race, religion, human responsibility to one another and to nature — the very concepts upon which modern society is built — are the subjects of study in the College of Humanities and Social Sciences. The college, the largest at Cal State Fullerton, is home to 20 departments, 25 degree programs and more than 7,000 graduate and undergraduate students. It is a popular destination for students who plan to continue their studies in graduate programs or who want to work in areas such as education, law, politics, business, clinical psychology and public administration.

The college offers the breadth of a traditional liberal arts education and provides numerous opportunities for faculty-student research collaboration, student club participation, and local and international study and internships.

With a shared concern for civic engagement, social justice and global awareness, the College of Humanities and Social Sciences graduates Titans who demonstrate the value of their education through successful careers, contributions to the community, and a greater understanding of the challenges facing our society.

College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics

Through the combination of quality instruction, student involvement in research and strong academic advisement, the College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics aims to transform the student experience. With more than 100 faculty members, the college focuses on preparing students for professional careers and advanced degrees in the sciences and mathematics. Faculty and staff are dedicated to the principle that teaching and research are intricately woven and that undergraduate research is an integral part of education. With hands-on, laboratory and field-based experiences, students engage in real-world research problems, where they not only learn concepts, but also put these concepts into practice. Through programs that focus on inquiry-based learning, students also develop critical thinking skills to excel in college and in the professional workplace. About 3,000 students enroll in eight undergraduate and nine graduate programs each year — offered in the departments of Biological Science, Chemistry and Biochemistry, Geological Sciences, Mathematics and Physics. Programs and courses also are offered to prepare future mathematics and science teachers for elementary, middle school and high school classrooms.