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Examples of Incorrect Use


The university logos must never be altered in any way. The following examples of incorrect uses provide further guidance on how to maintain the integrity of our identity program.


Do Not Separate Elements

University logos shound not have visual elements separated. The designs need to remain intact.

example of the tree element without university name

another example of the tree element without university name

Do Not Alter the Logo

Do not replace or substitute any element with a photograph, clipart, or any other image or text.

example of Tuffy with university name

example of tree element with department name

Do Not Alter the University Name

Do not change the font or the university name.

example of CS University Fullerton in wrong font

Do Not Stretch, Distort or Modify

Do not redesign, redraw, animate, convert into 3D, modify, distort, or alter the proportions.

examples of distorted and stretched logo

Do Not Reconfigure

Do not alter the configuration of the design elements in any way.

example of tree element repositioned to the right

Do Not Add Text

Do not include text buttressing next to or stacked above/below a mark. The logo, for example, requires a protected area equal to the height of the "F" around it.

example of #1 added next to logo

Do Not Alter Color

Logos use official university colors. Alteration of the colors is not permitted.

example of university logo in green

Do Not Invert

Please use the official "Reversed" versions of logos included in the download package. Inverting marks creates an "X-Ray" look which is not acceptable.

example of an X-Ray look

Do Not Fade or Screen

Do not reproduce marks in a low-contrast screen or in any manner that results in poor readability.

example of a faded logo

Do Not Add Graphics

Do not add images or any other new elements.

example of university logo with recycle logo behind it.

Do Not Add Shadows or Special Effects

Do not add drop shadows, bevels, 3D, or any special effects.

example of the university logo with drop shadow

Do Not Rotate

Do not position at an angle or in vertical rotation. Marks should always be positioned horizontally.

example of the university logo tilted and in vertical position

Do Not Combine with Other Logos

Do not incorporate a mark or any part of it right next to the logo of another organization. The logo, as a guide, requires a protected area equal to the height of the "F" around it.

example of KPCC logo buttressing against the university logo


 Last Published 6/19/18