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Logo Guidelines


Logo Elements

Logo elements

The university logo pictured above is the most commonly used element of the institution's visual identity system.

  1. Tree Element
    The tree featured in many of the university's marks symbolizes academic and personal growth, knowledge and transformation. Being an orange tree, it recalls our past as a campus that grew from among the orange groves as well as our presence in Orange County. The mountain imagery, inspired by the ranges to the north and east, helps define our place in the world, while also representing strength and permanence. The sunrays convey a sense of vision, optimism and confidence in the future.
  2. Wordmark
    The wordmark displays the full name of the university and is adjacent to the tree element.
  3. The Logo
    The tree element and wordmark components together become the official university logo. These two elements are never to be separated or manipulated.

These rules of usage apply all elements of the university's visual identity system, including the logo, seal, extension logos, emblem, CSUF wordmark, and Athletics mark.

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  • An appropriate visual identity component must be used on all university print or digital communications projects.
  • No campus entity (i.e. colleges, divisions, departments, branch campuses, centers, etc.) is authorized to create and use its own visual identity solutions.
  • No identity component or any of its elements may be incorporated into the symbol of another organization.

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Minimum reproduction sizes for print

  • Horizontal Logo:  Should not appear smaller than 1 3/8" in length to ensure legibility.
  • Stacked Logo:  Should not appear smaller than 1" in length.
  • Emblem:  Should not appear smaller than 1/2" in height.
  • Seal:  Should not appear less than 7/8" in diameter.

Special web considerations

An authorized header should be positioned on top of all university web pages. The university's logo should be positioned at the bottom left corner to anchor the page as a footer. If you elect to use the university logo in other parts of the page, it should not be smaller than 195 pixels wide by 46 pixels tall.

Protected area

Any identity component should always stand apart from its surroundings (text, graphics elements, etc.). For consistency, an area equal to the height of the "F" should always be maintained as a protected border.


No mark nor any component of a mark may not be modified. The appearance of any typography or graphic element may not be altered in any way, nor may any element be removed, nor may proportions be altered causing an image that is either stretched or condensed. The elements have been designed to work together as a unit and are not to be used independently of each other. No identity component may appear at an angle, upside-down, vertically or in any way other than horizontally. Please view the section on 'Examples of Incorrect Usage' for detailed information and examples.

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 Last Published 6/19/18