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It Takes a Titan: The Campaign for Cal State Fullerton

About the Campaign

Cal State Fullerton is a national leader in providing quality education and equitable access and opportunity to students.

However, CSUF faces the daunting challenge of continuing to meet student needs amid declining state funding, a surging student population and aging campus infrastructure. “It Takes a Titan: The Campaign for Cal State Fullerton” — the university’s first-ever comprehensive philanthropic campaign — will enable the campus to continue to deliver on the promise of higher education. The seven-year, $200 million initiative prioritizes investments in academic innovation, student empowerment, campus transformation and community enrichment. It is an opportunity for the entire Titan family to be the difference in elevating the potential of the remarkable students at CSUF.

Campaign Logo

It Takes a Titan: The Campaign for Cal State Fullerton

Inspired by the snowcapped San Gabriel mountains on the campus horizon, the campaign logo evokes Titan's determination, persistence and ascendance to success, all while blazing a path for others

The It Takes a Titan logo is the visual mark for the campus comprehensive campaign. It can be used on digital media, printed publications, advertising, apparels and merchandises.

"Stacked" and "horizontal" versions of the campaign logo are available. In the stacked version, the mountain image sits above the typography of the campaign name. In the horizontal version, the mountain image sits to the left of the typography.

Download Campaign logo


Proper Use of the Campaign Logo

  1. The It Takes a Titan logo is to be used exclusively for the campaign and cannot be used for other purposes outside of the campaign.
  2. The campaign logo must be used in conjunction with the university logo to associate it with the university.
    • The two logos do not need to reside in close proximity to each other, but they should appear on the same material.
      For example: the campaign logo can be positioned on the front or at the top, while the university logo can reside on the back or at the bottom of the material.
    • Exceptions include materials with limited sizing (e.g., lapel pins) or on-campus materials (e.g., banners and tabletop signage).
  3. The campaign logo cannot be used as a substitute or replacement for the university logo. The university logo takes precedence in identifying, branding and promoting CSUF.
  4. Elements of the campaign logo cannot be separated (i.e., title cannot be pulled apart from the mountain image).
  5. No alteration of the campaign logo is permissable without consent from Strategic Communications. If you have questions about use of the campaign logo, please contact us at: 657-278-4849 or



Zoom Backgrounds

Twenty-one campus images with the It Take A Titan logo are available to use as Zoom backgrounds.

Download Zoom Backgrounds

preview of 21 Zoom backgrounds



Campaign Colors

The campaign has four investment priorities: Academic Innovation, Student Empowerment, Community Enrichment and Campus Transformation.

Each campaign fund is connected to at least one of these priorities. A color-code system has been devised to help identify each fund with its respective priority. For example: Creating a new visual arts center is a fund associated with Campus Transformation. The color system aids prospective donors in identifying areas they can support.

Color Codes

Note: All hex colors have been adjusted to meet accessibility compliances.

  • Academic Innovation

    Preparing Students for a Changing World

    CMYK: 70 / 21 / 4 / 14
    RGB: 56 / 120 / 163
    HEX: #62A1CB

  • Student Empowerment

    Increasing Opportunities for Titans

    CMYK: 0 / 42 / 100 / 10
    RGB: 195 / 137 / 52
    HEX: #D6973B

  • Community Enrichment

    Reaching Out to Orange County

    CMYK: 0 / 65 / 100 / 0
    RGB: 197 / 111 / 50
    HEX: #E27E3D

  • Campus Transformation

    Creating the Ultimate Learning Environment

    CMYK: 35 / 0 / 100 / 25
    RGB: 128 / 148 / 57
    HEX: #8FA540