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Brand Values


Our values demonstrate our character and represent shared principles that bind us together and inform our decision-making.

  • Student success: We educate confident, innovative, and culturally competent Titans who continuously adapt to meet and exceed new workforce demands, social justice challenges, and community service opportunities.
  • Scholarly and creative activities: We cultivate and promote the collaborative exchange of ideas through rigorous academic and creative activities.
  • Diversity, equity, and inclusion: We commit to our rich diversity by increasing culturally proficient and equity-minded practices across all campus communities.
  • Civic engagement: We encourage free expression, both as a right and a responsibility, and aim to inspire all Titans to be informed, active, and engaged citizens.
  • Collegial governance: We embrace inclusivity, consultation, collaboration, and transparency to bring all Titans into the deliberative process that shapes our communities, challenges our beliefs, and addresses the needs of a diverse global society.
  • Integrity: We act from a foundation of ethical principles and through the cultivation of strong character.
  • Service to the region: We provide a place and space for the region’s current and future leaders to grow and develop in ways that inspire them to better serve our communities.